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Davisville Middle School

Students » Summer Reading and Math Assignments

Summer Reading and Math Assignments

Summer math packets are posted in a google classroom set up for each grade.  The codes to join the appropriate classroom are below.  There are weekly assignments to be completed over the course of 8 weeks during the summer.  It is important to practice your math skills throughout the whole summer.  Try to complete one assignment per week.  If you have any questions or problems accessing the classroom please email Erin Bagwell at
Grade 5 to 6: 4h59ehx
Grade 6 to 7: tkoija
Grade 7 to 8: 6lpgpo6 (the second character is a lowercase L)
Grade 7A to Algebra: 26dmyb
How to add a class to google classroom:
You can get to google classroom by going to

You must log into google classroom using the student's email address.

The student's email addresses are
Once you are into google classroom, you will need to add the appropriate class depending on what grade you are entering.  In the top right corner will be a plus sign.  Click that and enter the appropriate class code.