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Davisville Middle School


First Quarter in Wood TEchnology & Manufacturing

Hello everyone,

The first quarter in the DMS Wood Technology & Manufacturing lab will emphasize working safely in a shop setting. I will be performing live demonstrations of general safety rules and operating procedures for the various pieces of power equipment. Once safety testing and machine operation testing have been completed the students will be introduced to their first product(TBA). Upon completion of their first quarter products, students will be given the opportunity to search and find products of their choice to design,manufacture, and construct. There were many different choices that were selected by the students last year which ranged from small pieces of furniture, musical instruments, table top games, and other small products. I will have pictures posted as soon as students complete them. Please email me at if you need to get in touch with me Thanks and stay tuned to see what the first semester students are working on. Thanks for your time and attention.


Mr. Berndt


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2017-18 Air Powered Dragster Challenge Overall School Champions

Students enrolled in Wood TEchnology & Manufacturing were given a challenge to design a vehicle to travel a distance of thirty feet in the shortest amount of time. This year we crowned classroom, class day, and semester champions from each semester. The event concluded on the eighth grade BBQ day after lunch with the finalist from each semester competing to become overall eighth grade champion for the school year. The races were close and pretty evenly matched in the double elimination tournament but when the dust cleared the team of William M. and Andrew D. were crowned the champions. Thanks to all the participants and congrats on your promotion to NKHS. Mr. Berndt