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How to File a Report

What is EthicsPoint Reporting System?

EthicsPoint is committed to driving and defining best practices for integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC). Serving over 1,200 active clients and over six million stakeholders worldwide, EthicsPoint has created an effective reporting system that is instrumental in managing enterprise risk. The EthicsPoint Reporting System provides individuals at all levels in the organization with the appropriate tools and information for reporting, investigating, and resolving issues in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

What to Report

Situations, events or actions by individuals or groups that you believe carry a negative impact on company or tax payer well-being or are detrimental to morale, productivity, or personal safety. Frivolous or unfounded reports do not
help foster a positive workplace.
If you are uncertain if a situation violates company policy, is illegal or constitutes harassment or discrimination, please use EthicsPoint to obtain clarification. We would much rather have you ask than let potential problems go unchecked. However, EthicsPoint should not be used for immediate threats to life or property. These types of reports should be
directed to 911.

How to File a Report
EthicsPoint is designed to maintain your confidentiality and anonymity.. The following step-by-step instructions will guide you through the processes available to submit a report:

Step 1: Access EthicsPoint to report:
Use any one of these three convenient channels of communication: School Department Network, Public Internet, Toll-Free Phone.

Click on link provided on the School Department’s intranet site. You will automatically be connected to your EthicsPoint’s secure landing page.
From any computer having Internet access (home, public library, neighbor, etc.), go to
www.ethicspoint.com and click on ”File a new report”

Call your EthicsPoint toll-free hotline at
1-888-279-1904. An intake specialist will assist you with entering your report into the EthicsPoint system.

Step 2: Complete a Report:
Following the on-screen or intake specialist’s instructions, please thoroughly complete a report.
1. Specify what kind of report you’d like to make from the available choices.
2. Please read or listen to the anonymity information very carefully. It helps ensure that you do not compromise
your identity during the reporting process.
3. You will now complete the report, providing information about the incident, including:
a. Who: persons engaged in the incident, including titles;
b. What: what specifically occurred;
c. Where: the location of the incident; and
d. When: the time and duration of the incident.
4. Next, you will be asked to create a password. The EthicsPoint system will generate an identification code
called a “Report Key.” Write them both down and keep them in a safe place. You will need them to follow-up

later, or if you ever want to review or amend your report.

Step 3: Follow-Up:
Ten (10) business days after you complete your report, please return to the EthicsPoint system to see if the School Department has any follow-up questions or requests.
1. Reconnect with the EthicsPoint system using any of the three channels of communication: School Department Intranet, Public Internet, or Toll-Free Phone.
2. This time, click on (or ask to perform) ”Follow-up an existing report.”
3. Provide your Report Key and Password.
4. You can now elect to review report details, respond to questions, and add information.

a. To review your report, just click “Review Report Details” or ask the intake specialist.
b. You will be told if the School Department has entered questions about your report. Answer the
questions verbally or by typing in the question boxes and click “Submit.”
c. You can add information to the report verbally or by using the “Submit New Information” box.
5. If you have agreed to participate in an EthicsChat, click “Join a Chat” at the specified time. Type your comments into the field at the bottom of the window and click “Submit.”
6. An EthicsChat is a real-time communication between you and a School Department representative to clarify details and answer questions. Like the rest of the EthicsPoint system, it is confidential and anonymous.
7. You may return regularly to review your report, answer questions, and add information


Q: What is EthicsPoint?

EthicsPoint is a comprehensive and confidential reporting tool to assist management and employees to work
together to address fraud, abuse, and misconduct in the workplace, all while cultivating a positive work

Q. May I report using either the Internet or the telephone?

Yes. By giving you choices, EthicsPoint helps ensure that employees can file a report anonymously and in
the manner most comfortable or convenient to them.

Q. Why do we need a system like EthicsPoint?

• We believe that our employees are our most important asset. By creating open channels of
communication, we can promote a positive work environment and maximize productivity.
• Publicly traded companies are required by law to have an anonymous reporting vehicle to address
accounting and auditing fraud directly to the audit committee.
• An effective reporting system can be our most useful tool in reducing losses due to fraud and abuse.

Q. Does management really want me to report?

We certainly do. In fact, we need you to report. You know what is going on in your company - both good and
bad. You may have initial knowledge of an activity that may be cause for concern. Your reporting can
minimize the potential negative impact on the company and its people. Also, offering positive input may help
identify issues that can improve corporate culture and performance.

Q. Why should I report what I know? What’s in it for me?

We all have the right to work in a positive environment and with that right comes the responsibility of acting
in an ethical manner and letting the appropriate people know if someone is not acting appropriately. By
working together, we can maintain a healthy and productive environment. Corporate misconduct can
threaten the livelihood of an entire company.

Q. What type of situations should I report?

EthicsPoint is a communications tool providing an avenue for sharing information of any kind.

Q. If I see a violation, shouldn't I just report it to my manager, security, or human resources and let them deal with it?

You certainly can, but there are several good reasons why you should use EthicsPoint as well. First, EthicsPoint ensures that your report gets to the appropriate people. That may or may not happen if you simply report something to your manager, especially when dealing with issues not under his/her control. More importantly, reports can be filed anonymously and all report information is secure and held in the strictest confidence.

Q. It is my understanding that any report I send from a company computer generates a server log that shows every web-site that my PC connects with, and won’t this log identify me as a report originator?

EthicsPoint does not generate or maintain any internal connection logs with IP addresses, so no information linking your PC to EthicsPoint is available. With fewer than 12% of reports generated during business hours, most people prefer to report from the comfort of their home after hours and on the weekend.