For any questions or concerns regarding athletics, please reach out to our Athletic Director, Chris Cobain at 401-268-6281 or

Sports Registration

In order for any student to participate on a WMS sports team, they must have the following three (3) pieces of information completed/submitted at least the day BEFORE their tryout/practice. Students who submit this information the day of a tryout/practice will not be eligible to participate until the following day.

1.  Sign your child up at the link below for the appropriate sport and school: 

2. Submit a physical from a primary care doctor dated within the last 15 months. Physicals can be turned in at the WMS main office and are kept on file with the nurse.

3. Fill out and submit an Assumption of Risk form. Assumption of Risk forms only need to be submitted one time during the student's entire middle school career. AoR forms can be submitted to the main office. (Students who submit an Assumption of Risk form in 6th grade only need to complete numbers 1 & 2 on this list in 7th and 8th grade)

Assumption of Risk Form

Important Information from NKSD Athletic Director

  • Students who turn 15 BEFORE September 1st are not eligible to participate in middle school sports. Students must also participate with the school they are registered in. If a student transfers schools halfway through the year, they will need to join the new team's school.

  • If a student's physical on file with the nurse is dated within the last 15 months, they are eligible to participate. After the 15 months, if it occurs during the season, the student becomes ineligible to participate until a new physical is submitted.


  • Each quarter, report cards are reviewed for Academic Eligibility. At WMS, students become academically ineligible to participate in sports if they have two (2) or more F's on their quarterly report card. They can apply for reinstatement with the Principal or Assistant Principal when progress reports come out for the next quarter or they can wait until the next quarter's report card.

  • School administration, the Athletic Director, and coaches can also prohibit a student from participating due to behavior both in the classroom and after school during practices/games. All student athletes are expected to represent Wickford Middle School in an appropriate manner.

Fall Sports

  • Boys Soccer

  • Girls Soccer

  • Cross Country

Winter Sports

  • Boys Basketball

  • Girls Basketball

  • Wrestling

Spring Sports

  • Baseball

  • Softball

  • Track & Field