Frequently Asked Questions

Main Office FAQs

  • What happens if my child arrives at school at or after 8:10 am?

If your child arrives at school at 8:10 am or after, they must report to the office as soon as they enter the building.  Students arriving at or after 8:10 am are considered tardy. Please see student handbook regarding our attendance policy and tardies.

  • Where does a student submit an early dismissal note?

All early dismissal notes need to be brought to the office at the beginning of the school day.  Students must check in with their advisory teachers first (so they are not marked absent) before they bring their note to the office.

  • What if I forgot to send in my child with an early dismissal note and/or need to pick them up immediately (i.e. were able to get a doctor’s appointment at the last minute)?

Although we understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances and there is a need for an impromptu pickup at school, please try to make these a rarity because we have to call and disrupt classes. However, if you must , please call us to let us know the approximate time you will be arriving to pick up your child so we can check their schedule ahead of time.  If it is possible to call before lunches begin, we can get an early dismissal slip to your child during his or her lunch period.

  • Where does a student submit a PE excuse note?

All PE excuse notes need to be brought to the office at the beginning of the school day.  Students must check in with their advisory teachers first (so they are not marked absent) before they bring their note to the office. Ms. Luz-Goggins or Ms. Riccio will give the student a note to bring with him or her to PE. The only acceptable PE excuse note is from a doctor.

  • What do I do if I need to drop off a lunch for my child(ren)?

Please make sure the lunch is marked with the student’s name/team and bring it to the office.  Although the supervisory staff in the cafeteria will try to locate the child, the student should look for the lunch on the stage.

  • What do I do if I have to get information to my child during the school day?

You can call the office at 541-6301 or 541-6318 and ask to get a message to your child. If it is at all possible to call before lunch (beginning at 10:50 am), so we can give your child the message at lunchtime.  Please keep in mind that our intercom system interrupts the whole classroom when we need to give students messages from parents.  Please limit these calls to absolute emergencies.

  • Can my child ride another bus not assigned to them?

    The Transportation Department does not allow students to ride another bus unless it is a child care emergency.  Please do not send notes with your child requesting to ride a friend’s bus.

  • How do I request homework for my child(ren) when they are out of school for more than one day?

Please be sure to email your child’s Team teachers with homework requests and allow a period of 24-hours before homework is submitted to the office.  You may pick up the requested homework or we can send it home with another student.   All of the DMS teacher’s email addresses can be found at under the Davisville Middle School tab.

  • How will I know if my child’s after school activity, practice, or game is cancelled?

If the activity is part of the after school program or a team practice, then an announcement will be made to the students but parents will not be notified. If your child is part of a sports team, his or her coach will notify you about a change in schedule or cancellation. If not, you can call the athletic director, Dick Fossa at 268-6281 or The DMS office does not receive this information directly.

  • What is the procedure if we move?

    If you move within the district you must come to the school office and fill out an affidavit of residency.  Address changes cannot be done over the telephone.  You must bring proof of your new residency.  This may be a lease or rental agreement that is current.  If you are renting, the landlord’s contact information must also be provided.  A utility bill showing service to the new address is also acceptable.  The utility bill must contain your name in the address.

If you are moving out of the district you may contact the DMS office for instructions on withdrawing your child.