Frequently Asked Questions

Main Office FAQs

What happens if my child arrives at school after 8:10 am?

If your child arrives at school at 8:10 am or after, they will be marked “tardy”.  Students will be greeted at the door by the Clinic TA and will be given a pass and may proceed to their locker.  Students arriving after 8:30 am will need to check in with the office.

• Early Dismissals

It is helpful to have your student either bring a note to the office, or parents may call our office @ 541-6300 to request an early dismissal.  Upon arrival, all parents/guardians will need to sign the student out of the building.

PE Excuse Notes

All PE excuse notes need to be given to the Nurse in the Clinic.

Drop-off Items (i.e., lunches, ChromeBooks, etc.)

Please ring the bell at the front door and the office staff will retrieve your drop-off items.  These items will be given to students at the most opportune time without disrupting classes.

What do I do if I have to get info to my child during the school day? (Cell phones or any communication device are not allowed during school hours, and students must keep them in their lockers.)

You may call the office at 541-6300 and ask the office staff to relay a message to your child.  

Can my child ride another bus not assigned to them?

The Transportation Department does not allow students to ride another bus unless there is a child care emergency.  Please do not send notes with your student requesting to ride a friend’s bus home.

How do I request homework for my child when they are out of school for more than one day?

The student is ultimately responsible for missing work.   All students are to look on CANVAS to see what work they missed. Only clarifying questions should be posed to teachers as all assigned work is posted in CANVAS. 

How will I know if my child’s after-school activity, practice or game is canceled?

An announcement will be made to the students regarding any canceled activities.  If your child is a member of an athletic team, their coach will notify parents about a change in schedule or cancellation.  The Athletic Director’s direct line is:  268-6281

What is the procedure if our family plans to move?

Instructions can be found here:

Lost & Found

All lost and found clothing, lunchboxes, etc. are located on a table in the cafeteria.  Small jewelry items may be turned into the office and students are encouraged to check there.

Parent/Guardian ASPEN/CANVAS Information