School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2017-2018


Davisville Middle School is committed to providing our students with avenues for academic and personal growth through challenging and diverse educational opportunities.


All students at Davisville Middle School will achieve rigorous learning goals and will continuously improve their academic, social, emotional, creative, and physical growth.  In order to do this, we will provide a learning environment that meets the diverse needs of every student and encourages students to be global citizens who value a culturally rich world.  Each student will have access to a high quality, rigorous curriculum with multiple and varied opportunities.  With the help and engagement of our staff, families, and community members, our students will begin to develop the skills, strategies, and knowledge necessary to become prepared for their high school, college and career choices and ultimately their roles in society.

Belief Statements

  • All students can learn and succeed -  learning is a lifelong process

  • With effort, motivation and perseverance, all students can achieve great things

  • Hands-on learning, teaming, social learning and socialization are key components of the middle school philosophy

  • Reflection is essential to learning

  • Equal opportunity within a diverse learning environment promotes individual achievement and success

  • Respect is essential for a productive community

  • It is essential that students feel safe, supported, and valued

  • Collaboration and open communication among all stakeholders are essential for student success

  • Healthy lifestyles are conducive to growth, development, and learning

  • Education in the fine arts is an integral element for student success

  • Engaging families and the community will improve student achievement

  • Highly effective staff will lead students to becoming successful