School Profile

Davisville Middle School serves approximately 550 students in grades six through eight.    Our faculty/staff include 70 full and part-time employees.   

The DMS Faculty and staff expect all students to meet high standards of behavior and academic performance.  We recognize student accomplishments in a variety of ways.  We distribute Honor Roll and Effort Roll Cards which entitles the bearer to receive discounts at many North Kingstown businesses.  Additionally, we sponsor Be the Best You Can Be luncheons quarterly to celebrate students’ achievements.  We implement a Positive Behavior and Support System as a means to recognize students for being respectful, responsible and ready to learn!  Each week two students are selected in a raffle drawing and receive verbal recognition and a gift card for their positive behavior.

Blessings in a Backpack is a program that supports our students who receive federal free and reduced meal programs. This support comes in a backpack of food which students take home weekly throughout the school year.  The Office of Family Learning is responsible for organizing volunteers, soliciting donations, grocery shopping and packing the bags for weekly pick up.  At this time we have 20 students participating in this program.  We are confident that students participating in this program show improvement in school attendance, test scores, behavior and health.

Our school has a caring and dedicated staff, strong parent involvement, good tests scores and eager and enthusiastic students. These qualities ensure that Davisville Middle School is a student centered school where children are encouraged to become caring citizens and lifelong learners.