Summer Math Banner

Dear Families,

During the summer months, many children take a vacation from learning and can lose a lot of what they learned from the school year.  On average students lose about 1-2 months of math growth each summer.  Therefore, students should continue to cultivate their math skills during the summer months.

Summer learning can be as unobtrusive as…
  • asking your child to count pocket change and practice time-telling skills.
  • making your child think critically. Ask a lot of questions with the words "how" or "why."
  • using car trips to practice math facts. Have your student calculate the vehicle's gas mileage,
  • or ask them to add the numbers on a passing license plate and determine whether the result
  • is a prime or a composite number.
  • having your child prepare a meal from start to finish, including setting the menu, sticking to a
  • budget, shopping, and following a recipe.
Below are some more suggestions for summer learning:
Technology-Based Learning
The applications below can be accessed on your child’s Chromebook through the Clever
application. Click on the links below to find out more information about each application.
Non-technology Choice Boards
Have an enjoyable summer!